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Starch from yeast

Researchers at ETH Zurich have produced starch in yeast - the first time this has been achieved in a non-plant organism. The new model system now makes it easier for them to investigate how starch is formed and what role is played by the enzymes involved. In future, it may be possible to use yeast to trial specific modifications of starch. Read more 


Tamio Yamakawa Award for Markus Aebi

The "Japanese Consortiums for Glycosycience and Glycotechnology" has awarded the Tamio Yamakawa Award 2016 to Markus Aebi, professor at the Institute of Microbiology, for his outstanding contributions to the field of glycoscience. Read more 


Bayer EESA 2016 for Christopher Aylett

Bayer recently announced the three winners (in the categories biology, chemistry, and medical sciences) of the "Early Excellence in Science Award 2016". The award in biology goes to Christopher Aylett, postdoc in the group of Nenad Ban (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics). Read more 

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