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The research areas of the Department of Biology

A total of five institutes and seven independent professorships in the Department of Biology are involved in various areas of research (biochemistry, biophysics, molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, molecular health sciences, systems biology and plant sciences). A variety of experimental systems are used to clarify fundamental biological questions. The study of the complex relationship between structure and function is the central theme of research at the Department of Biology. Examples include the interdependence of biomolecules and their ligands , biomolecules and cell structure, differentiation between cells and tissues and identifying the functions of the entire organism.

Internationally renowned department

The research that is taking place in the Department of Biology is highly respected within international scientific academia. This has been confirmed by several external sources. For example, in 2010 an external team of internationally renowned scientists conducted a professional evaluation and confirmed that the research at the Department of Biology is of highest international caliber. Furthermore, in 2002 Professor Kurt Wüthrich was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering developments to elucidate spatial structures of biological molecules in solution.

Research output visualization

The topics on which research is carried out in the D-BIOL, may be shown in a visual way. The more often a word appears in the publication titles of researchers of the department, the greater is the font.

Research topics in 2015

Research topics in 2015

Research topics in 2014

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