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A principal aim of the Master degree is to prepare students to work independently in an academic or industrial research laboratory. Approximately two thirds of all graduates continue their education through doctoral studies and postdoctoral training. However, even without an advanced degree graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills that are sought after in a large variety of industries. Many biology graduates seek an advanced degree before starting their career. Below are the most commonly selected options.


For many of the students it is clear before they complete their Master program that they will continue on with a doctorate – regardless if they foresee their future in research, teaching or in other areas. Some continue at the ETH while others choose to attend a program at a different university. There are two possibilities to earn a doctorate at the ETH. Either through the Life Sciences Graduate School or alternatively directly through one of the ETH research groups.

People who are interested in a particular area are encouraged to contact and apply directly with the leader of the specific research group. Often these positions are advertised on the research group website. If no position is advertised, it is always worthwhile to directly contact the group leader.

More information on doctorates can be found here.

Teaching diploma for secondary education


Graduates holding a Bachelor of Biology can enroll in the supplementary course of study leading to a secondary level teaching diploma at ETH. This supplementary accreditation entitles the holder to teach in high schools. Teaching at the vocational school level requires additional course work. Students can concurrently enroll in a D-BIOL Master program as well as the supplementary teaching course of study. Please note that the Master degree must be successfully completed in order to receive the teaching diploma for secondary education.

Postgraduate studies

In addition to the above mentioned options ETH offers a wide range of postgraduate studies. Some of these studies are offered in modules, providing continuing education for graduates who have already started their careers. Postgraduate classes are generally offered by the ETH, other universities, universities of applied sciences and private institutions.

Continuing education offered by ETH Zurich

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