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A wide range of facilities in the department and at the ETH Zurich is available to D-BIOL lecturers and students to assist them in their daily work for their research and teaching activities.

D-BIOL units for research and teaching support

The Center for Active Learning (CAL) is a unit of the Department of Biology that provides services for D-BIOL lecturers to foster interactivity and active student engagement in the biology curriculum.
Learn more about the Center for Active Learning, its services and active learning courses on the CAL-website.

The D-BIOL Shop is responsible for products that are needed in everyday laboratory practice.
Link to the D-BIOL-Shop

The Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy Platform (BNSP) provides the researchers of the D-BIOL and the ETH with access to know-how, technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure for the study of proteins or biological complexes in solution using the latest NMR techniques.
Link to the BNSP-Plattform

Information Centre Chemistry¦Biology¦Pharmacy

The Information Centre Chemistry¦Biology¦Pharmacy is the library geared at the specific knowledge needs of biologist, chemists and pharmaceutical researchers.
Link to the Information Centre Chemistry¦Biology¦Pharmacy

Research support and platforms ETH Zurich

The ETH Phenomics Center (EPIC) offers researchers in many different disciplines state-of-the-art infrastructure and support services for keeping laboratory mice in humane conditions. It also provides access to modern analytical procedures and technology laboratories for characterising in vivo models.
Link to EPIC

The Scientific Center for Optical and Electron Microscopy (ScopeM) is a central scientific technology platform of ETH Zurich providing resources and services in light and electron microscopy (and related areas) as well as direct access to state-of-the-art microscopy and sample preparation equipment.
Link to ScopeM

Through its current Personalized Medicine ICT and Theragnostics Discovery Units, the technology platform Nexus offers a series of genomic data management and analysis technologies, robotic systems and genome-scale and chemical biology tools to define and interfere with cell circuits in disease.
Link to Nexus

The Functional Genomics Center Zurich (FGCZ) is a research and training facility of the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. It provides latest technologies and expert support for Omics research and carries out research projects and technology development in collaboration with the Zurich Life Science research community.
Link to the FGCZ

The Genetic Diversity Center (GDC) offers customised support and infrastructure for research projects in the field of genetic diversity with a wide range of technical expertise and a dynamic, well-connected team.
Link to the GDC

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