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Research proposals in the D-BIOL must meet certain criteria regarding form and content. Including title page they have a maximum length of five pages (about 2000 words) and are built up as follows:

Title page:

  • working title of the proposed dissertation
  • name and contact information of the doctoral student
  • institute, at which the dissertation should be carried out
  • name of the PhD program (if applicable)
  • names and signatures of ALL the members of the doctoral thesis committee (ETH-external dissertations require also the signature of the ETH-external supervisor).
  • proposed dates for the beginning and planned end of the dissertation

Content (approx. 2000 words):

  • an introduction (suitable for ‘general biologists’)
  • descriptions of the questions/hypotheses/goals that the dissertation should address
  • the experimental approach/strategy
  • results obtained in the period until submission of the proposal
  • a schematic time schedule (what should be achieved when and by which means)
  • a list of relevant references (cited in the text)

For doctoral students who started their dissertation after 1 November 2013 the following must be indicatedt in addition:

  • expected publications
  • teaching responsibilities

Important: When submitting your research proposal to the D-BIOL (address see last page) always include the completed form "Approval of the research plan" (signed by the official supervisor).

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