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Various forms are required in connection with the administration of doctorates (see below).

Additionally, other forms are required for contact with the ETH Academic Services. These forms can be found here.

Approval of the research plan

The form "Approval of the research plan (PDF, 28 KB)" (signed by the official supervisor) of the ETH Academic Services must be handed in together with the research proposal to below address. Subsequently, doctoral students receive a confirmation for their definitive admission to the doctorate.

Approval of co-referees

Co referees, who need the approval of the D-BIOL (i.e. everyone serving as a co-referee in a dissertation, but not being a professor appointed by ETH) are to be approved by the doctoral studies panel at the latest one year before the projected end of a dissertation, using the form "Approval of co-referees (PDF, 30 KB)". The form must be sent or faxed to:

Dr. Carmen Fischer-Romero
Departement Biologie
ETH Hönggerberg
CH-8093 Zürich

Tel.: +41 44 632 37 03
Fax.: +41 44 632 14 52

Supervision of the doctorate by senior lecturers or honorary professors

If a dissertation shall be supervised by a Privatdozent or an honorary professor the approval of the head of the respective institute as well as of the doctoral studies panel of the D-BIOL is a prerequisite. Please send the form "Supervision of the Doctorate by Senior Lecturers and Honorary Professors (PDF, 93 KB)" to above address.

Dissertation outside ETH domain

Dissertations carried out at public or private institions outside the ETH domain can be applied for using the form "Dissertation outside the ETH domain (PDF, 203 KB)". Besides this form a concept must be submitted explaining in detail why this dissertation must be carried out externally. The mentioned documents together with the application documents are handed in at the doctoral administration office of the Academic Services (ETH main building, HG FO 23.4).

Registration to the doctoral examination

In order to register for the doctoral examination please use the form "Registration for the doctoral examination (PDF, 479 KB)". Before registering at the doctoral administration office of the Academic Services the credit points must be confirmed at the D-BIOL (please bring all proofs).

Compensation for external co-examiners

With the form "Compensation for ETH-external co-examiners (PDF, 32 KB)" external co-examiners (apart from those of the University of Zurich) can apply for a single payment of Fr. 400.-- covering the costs arising in connection with the review.

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